Leadership Research On Listening

A recent leadership research study of 1,412 leaders by Management Research Group (MRG) found that two seemingly opposing sets of behaviors were important to be successful in the technology sector: business behaviors and people behaviors.

The business behaviors included being strategic, challenging the rules and a desire to be in a position of authority.
A very different set of behaviors was found to be required to be a good people manager. Empathy and valuing the ideas of others were high on this list.

Further studies by MRG show that listening may be a common skill to these two sets of behaviors. There was a strong correlation between a willingness to listen and the behaviors of strategic, empathetic and valuing the ideas of others.

We believe that listening is a “bridge” between being effective as a leader of business and of people. It’s the skill that allows a good people manager to take on more authority and the good business manager to harness the human capital of the enterprise.

Recently, a client reflecting on our work together five years ago said:

“I think about what you taught me quite often. Particularly with respect to diplomacy and how to ask questions without people feeling like I’m attacking them. Your advice has worked for me! “

Listening is a learned behavior.
We believe that continuous improvement is possible.
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Jon WhiteLeadership Research On Listening

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