Why Most Managers Hate Performance Reviews

We’re Not Exaggerating! Most Managers Do Not Like Perfomance ReviewsHere are the top reasons they cite:

  • Preparing them is time consuming
  • Delivering the review can be stressful
  • It’s hard to see any change in productivity as a result of this investment

Well-meaning companies tweak their review process to address some of these concerns, but then managers are stuck with learning that new process. We’ve seen companies that modify performance management every three years–just when a manager was figuring out how to cope with the last iteration!

Some organizations, fearing that managers don’t give employees enough feedback, install more frequent formal reviews. Imagine the burden of having 30 direct reports, a new review process, and having to deliver it quarterly!

We don’t intend to debate the value of performance reviews.

We just want every organization to provoke itself to measure their cost/benefit ratio. However, we’d like to point out that the most important part of an appraisal is the conversation, not the process.

When you train managers to have more effective ongoing conversations about expectations, results, and career aspirations, you’ll deliver a higher return on investment than any other tweak to your system.

Good conversations are built on listening.

Listening is a learned behavior. And once your managers learn to listen well, they’ll feel more comfortable having frequent discussions about performance results with their reports. And the bonus? The work required to do their annual formal reviews is measurably lightened!

Less work. Less stress. Better results.

All because of good listening skills.

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Jon WhiteWhy Most Managers Hate Performance Reviews

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