Our Mission

Welcome to our ongoing conversation about WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT LISTENING.

Our Mission is to change the way in which people worldwide listen to one another. That sounds like a huge undertaking and we have no illusions about our ability to make that happen quickly. We envision starting with people like yourself and building a community of advocates that become role models for those around them.

Our strategy is to focus initially¬† on the business environments that we spent so many years in ourselves…large corporations, small to mid-sized companies and non-profits. We imagine leadership development programs in these organizations where communication skills training includes new ideas about what listening really is.

So, we start with this site, this blog, and the Leadership Edition of our book that will be released in the near future. With any luck, and maybe your help, there might be a Personal Edition and then a Teen Edition with all versions in several languages someday. (How’s that for a vision!!)

Now it’s time to listen to you. Join our community and let’s start talking about listening.

What do you see? What is getting in the way? What impact is it having? What do leaders need to do differently?


Jon WhiteOur Mission

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